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I asked her what she thought she would do after graduation and she said “move to LA cos it’s the furthest away I can get” and I thought she was serious but she said she was joking. She said she didn’t really know and didn’t like thinking about the future very much. I told her she should just think about what she really likes to do and then do that, and she said eating Oreos and sleeping wasn’t a job. I don’t know why but her sarcasm makes me so happy.

We kissed for a little while, just sitting there on the sofa, all slow and soft and careful. I made sure to pause now and then, and ask if she was doing okay, and the first couple of times she nodded and grinned a little and then finally she said, “I’m good, Marcel Styles, I promise” and then she flash-quick licked the end of my nose and it was hilarious.

Two things. One: next time I have to come up with an awesome date idea, something really special. Two: I definitely thought about what it would be like to run away to LA with her after we graduate and I think this definitely means I’m in love.

I’ve been trying to find the right words to say for over a week now, ever since I saw this was posted. I cannot seem to find them, but when do I ever find the right words, so I’m going to tell you something about this anyway.

When Chelle first had the idea for this story, she told me about it and emailed me snippets of it while she was writing. I was lucky enough to get to know her characters along the way and immediately fell in love with them and their story. I was so excited every time she told me she’d written more. Every single time I sat down to read the new journal entries, I let myself get lost in their world and I cared very deeply for Marcel and Zayn. (And still do.)

I’ve reread the story twice after it was posted and I hereby highly recommend you take the time and read this wonderful piece. It’s different because of the journal style it’s written in, but that is part of why I love it so much. It’s so much like Marcel, and to see Zayn through his eyes is a lovely experience you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. 

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eoghanmcdermott: #lads

eoghanmcdermott: #lads

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Anonymous asked: That hat and little hair flippies are so Dougie from McFly I love it I love it!!! O.

OH MY GOD YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!! I was wondering why it looked so familiar? The ears and long hair and hat IT IS DEFINITELY THE POYNTER LOOK now all I need is for Harry to wrap his arms around Dougie PLEASSSEEEEE

mattirwinlondon: sexy potatoes heads @Harry_Styles

mattirwinlondon: sexy potatoes heads @Harry_Styles

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this is brand new information! softgrungeharry sob sob tysm I’m happy you enjoyed it. ps: I dig your handle ;-)

this is brand new information! softgrungeharry sob sob tysm I’m happy you enjoyed it. ps: I dig your handle ;-)

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'Give me that,' he tells Nick, clutching his phone with his clammy palms, embarrassed like he's been caught doing something he oughtn't.

Nick laughs, obviously amused by him, and he wasn’t prepared for this. Hadn’t even thought about telling Nick about Niall, but now he might as well. ‘It’s just uh–a friend, he’s just a friend,’ he stutters.

'Alright. Does he have a nice cock then, your friend?' asks Nick with a shit eating grin, and something inside Harry's belly unclenches so he laughs back at him, 'He does. More than nice, actually.'