Saturday, August 2, 2014

Toronto, Canada. August 1, 2014

Toronto, Canada. August 1, 2014

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Friday, August 1, 2014

just putting this here so jasmine can’t back out 

she said she’d fill my Liam/Sophia/Niall/Barbara prompt jsyk

Anonymous said: I'll never be over Narbara, it was all I ever wanted. It consumes me and will read anything Narbara related. Idek how I got myself into this mess. Is there reason to hope still?? How did it never happen?? Will anything ever top it? So many things I ask myself daily. He'll really never do better than her. I just can't even imagine it. :/ Maybe there's hope for a N. America rendezvous. Btw I love you and your blog. :)


if you ask me, there’s definitely hope and they’re still friends!!! who knows what will happen in a month, or a year, ANYTHING could happen. and I really hope that she’s going to one of the North American tour dates to see him it would make me so so happy ;__;

and aw, thank you so much you’re so sweet [blows you kisses]


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Liam’s half-asleep in the warm sun, his earphones in as he listens to the rough recordings for their next album as he lazes by the hotel pool. He’s daydreaming, thinking ahead to next year’s tour when a weight settles over him.

He doesn’t even need to open his eyes to check who it is as he pauses his ipod. “Ooof, you’re heavy mate,” Liam huffs, but his hands lift up to rest on Harry’s hips. 

"Don’t be mean, Liam," Harry whines, poking him in the cheek. "Besides, you’re one to talk."

Liam grins at that and he breathes out until his belly is at full stretch. It’s pressing up against Harry’s, and Harry’s doing the same, like they’re having a belly playfight. “I’m a growing lad,” Liam says easily, but he laughs anyway and Harry leans down to blow a raspberry against his shoulder.

"You wanna go find Paul?" Harry asks, but he doesn’t sound all that enthusiastic. In fact, if Liam didn’t know any better, he’d think Harry was settling down to fall asleep on him. It’d hardly be the first time.

"Nah," Liam says, although he wouldn’t mind a workout. His fingers press down slightly, holding Harry in place over him. "M’alright here. Maybe later."

"Yeah, maybe later," Harry mumbles, and his breathing is evening out, their bodies breathing in sync.

Liam laughs softly as he turns his iPod back on and blows Harry’s long, wild hair out of his face.

OH MGY GOOOOD???? THIS IS SO CUTE THANK U :* blowing a raspberry against Liam’s shoulder I’M S O SAD

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